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PMA1000 (Custom)

The PMA1000 series of Custom Air Mass Meter Modules are designed to be integrated into MAF sensors for OEM and aftermarket applications. A typical MAF sensor consists of a main housing that connects to engine air-intake passage, and a plug-in sensor that incorporates a sensor element and circuitry. The
PMA1000 caters to those OEM customers who have their own housing design and are looking for high performance, robust, and economical sensor elements and circuit.

PMA1000 Series Datasheet

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specs
  • Resources
  • Greatly Improved reliability
  • Compact design to fit into any custom housing
  • Rapid response (< 8 ms)
  • Low power input (< 250 mW)
  • Return flow detection
  • Resistant to pressure shock and vibration
  • Can clean contaminants off sensor elements by immersing in solvent

Measuring the air-mass flow in internal combustion engines. Components #2 sensor element and #5 circuit below provided by Posifa.

Performance Specifications
Nominal supply voltage  12 V
Supply-voltage range  8...14 V
Output Voltage 1...5 V
Input current < 25 mA
Permissible vibration acceleration < 150 ms-2
Response Time < 3 ms
Time constant 30 ms
Temperature range –40°C to +120 °C
Measuring Range Up to 1000 kg/h
Accuracy < 2.5%
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