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POSIFA Microsystems Inc

1925 Zanker Road,
San Jose, CA 95112
Tel: 1-650-646-5788
Email: info@posifamicrosystems.com


European Distributor

BS-rep GmbH
Am Liesenfeld 23, D-41812 Erkelenz Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 2431 9482-17
Email: info@sensor-rep.de 



Posifa offers MEMS sensing solutions either as packaged and calibrated sensors and transducers, or as bare dies. You can choose the solution that best fits your needs.

Standard Sensors and Transducers

Posifa’s off-the-shelf sensors and transducers, building on our MEMS Sensor Dies and deep expertise in sensor electronics, offer improved
performance, reduced cost, and environmental robustness compared to similar sensors from other suppliers.  Posifa offers compatible packaging and calibration for easy drop-in replacement to your existing designs, so that you can realize instant performance improvements and cost savings. Our Data Sheets highlight the many technical advantages Posifa offers.

MEMS Sensor Dies for Custom Applications

Not every application can accommodate standard sensor packaging. Posifa’s 100% tested MEMS Sensor Dies, offered as bare die or in
custom packaging, allow you to integrate our innovation seamlessly into your proprietary systems.  Whether you are looking to replace traditional sensing elements with MEMS technology to realize improved performance, energy savings, and cost/footprint reduction, or to introduce brand new products leveraging the unique capabilities of Posifa MEMS Sensor Dies, our OEM Support team is here to tailor an exact fit for you.

Posifa is committed to Continued Innovation

At Posifa, we continue to develop new Sensor and Transducer products that offer unprecedented cost/performance benefits, leveraging our proven MEMS Sensor Dies, and packaging and sensor electronics expertise.  At the same time we are expanding the technological foundation of our company by continuing to bring to market new MEMS sensor innovations.

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