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Thermal Flow Sensor Die

The PTFD10 Thermal Flow Sensor Die measures the flow of a liquid or gaseous medium across the surface of the die using the Thermo-transfer (Calorimetric) principle. It provides the sensing core for a wide range of air flow applications such as mass air flow sensors, air mass meters for engine air-intake control, air velocity sensors, thermal differential pressure sensors.

Additionally due to its innovative, robust microstructure, PTFD10 is uniquely suited for liquid flow applications such as diesel fuel meters and disposable liquid micro-flow sensors for medical devices.

Date Sheet: PTFD10 Thermal Flow Sensor Die

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specs
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  • Suitable for liquid flow, gas flow and differential pressure applications
  • Sensitive at extremely low flow rates and differential pressure levels
  • Minimal zero drift
  • Fast response
  • Resistant to vibration and pressure shock
  • Resistant to corrosive gases and liquids and other surface contamination (e.g. clogging caused by particles)
  • Simple signal conditioning circuits
  • Mass flow, differential pressure, and air velocity monitoring in HVAC
  • Air-mass meter (MAF) in engine air-intake control
  • Medical respirators and ventilators
  • Diesel flow sensors for generator/engine fuel consumption monitoring
  • Liquid flow sensors for insulin pumps and micro-infusion pumps
Performance Specifications
Heater Resistor 2,670 2,740 2,860 Ω
Reference Resistor 7,209 7,398 7,722 Ω
Reference Resistor TCR   -578   ppm / oC
Heater Current (Constant Current)   6   mA
Upstream Thermopile Output (in Air, 25oC) 157 165 177 mV
Downstream Thermopile Output (in Air, 25oC) 157 165 177 mV
Thermopile Resistance (25oC) 60 62 65
Response Time     8 ms
Null Drift (Full Scale)   0.2   %/Year
Operating Temperature -40   125 oC
Overpressure 15     bar
217     psi
Die Dimensions      
Die Length 4.394   4.504 mm
Die Width 1.35   1.46 mm
Die Thickness 0.5   0.55 mm
Pad Size   80 x 120   µm
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