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Posifa owes its MEMS technology success to the unique Porous Silicon Fabrication process that co-founder Dr. Xiang-Zheng Tu invented.

In 1988 Dr. Tu published the pioneering work of “Fabrication of Silicon Microstructures Based on Selective Formation and Etching of Porous Silicon” in the prestigious Journal of the Electrochemical Society while working as a visiting scholar at the Texas A&M University. Since then Dr. Tu has perfected the fabrication technology through a series of licensing and consulting engagements with a number of MEMS foundries worldwide.   

Posifa’s proprietary Porous Silicon technology allows useful microstructures to be created using greatly simplified, CMOS-compatible fabrication processes. For example using Porous Silicon freestanding membranes can be formed without the use of double-sided lithography and can be fabricated to thicknesses of several tens of microns.

The successful launch of the Thermal Flow sensor die, and the Thermal Conductivity sensor die is the testament to the maturity and scalability of Posifa’s Porous Silicon technology. We look forward to bringing more innovative MEMS sensors to the market.


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